Myanmar - Bagan - aerial view of temples and plains

Nestled in a curve of the Irrawaddy River, Bagan’s vast plain is dotted with thousands of stupas and temple ruins as far as the eye can see. As many as 13,000 temples once stood on this plain and today around 2,200 are strewn across this sacred space. Some are well-maintained and others are tumbledown relics overgrown by grass. You can explore Bagan by foot, on horseback or by bicycle, but to get an unparalleled view of this outstanding sight a hot air balloon ride at sunset is recommended.


Bagan: Suggested Activities


Mount Popa (half day)

A cylindrical hill rising sharply from the surrounding plain, Mount Popa is considered to be the home of Myanmar’s most important nats (spirits). Read More…

Sunset cruise & dinner

Travel by boat to the great sandbank located in the middle of Irrawaddy River and enjoy dinner while the golden sun is setting beyond the mountains and the silvery moon is rising on the horizon.

Balloons over Bagan

Take a birds eye view of the thousands of ancient temples peppering the plains of Bagan for a once in a lifetime experience.