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Baan Suan Plu

Baan Suan Plu


Baan Suan Plu   Baan Suan Plu

At ICS Travel Group, we genuinely love the culture of our destinations. Even when we are outside the office, we often spend our personal time exploring the amazing countries and cities of Southeast Asia.

Baan Suan Plu

ICS Product Supervisor, Kwanchanok Meechai (Jeab), lives in Bangkok and often spends her weekends sightseeing, which is one of her favourite things to do. This weekend, Jeab indulged her love of traditional Thai architecture during a visit to the M.R. Kukrit Heritage House located in the Sathorn neighborhood in the heart of Bangkok. She even decided to wear “Jong Kra Ben” style traditional Thai clothing for fun and because it was appropriate for the venue.

We asked Jeab to tell us about her visit:

The house was built by M.R. Kukrit who is an important historical figure in Thailand and really loved traditional Thai houses. In addition to being prime minister of Thailand, he was a writer, poet and national artist. This area is also called Baan Suan Plu because “Suan Plu” means “betel farm” and the house is on land which used to be a betel farm. Why did we have farms to grow betel? It’s because in the past having black teeth from chewing betel was a very trendy fashion and was considered beautiful. 

Baan Suan Plu   Baan Suan Plu

Baan Suan Plu is nestled in the heart of Bangkok on a two-acre piece of land which Kukrit bought for 7 baht/2-square-meters (tarang wah). The 5 houses were bought in different places and moved here, but the main one was moved from the Giant Swing area (in Bangkok’s Chinatown) and cost 2,700 baht at that time.  Now you can’t even rent a place for this price. It represents an authentic, traditional Thai home. Notice the many gardens and ponds and how the ground floor is open air.  Another interesting fact is that it is constructed without using nails.

Baan Suan Plu

This house took 20 years to finish and is perfectly beautiful as was his desire. It represents a home of a living person, not a house decorated for exhibition purposes. So, if you would like to learn about classic Thai things, this is a place I recommend you explore when you’re not struggling with shopping or partying. Bangkok is such a bustling city and has a lot to offer you!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Jeab!

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