March 5, 2020 Mary Eden

Asia Wants You Back ! And here is why …

The ICS Travel Group team has been working in Asia for more than 25 years. 

We were there when Myanmar opened its doors to tourism, and when the airports in Siem Reap and Luang Prabang were nothing more than small huts!

Asia is in a crisis now. The coronavirus is hurting the industry and our colleagues are struggling to help worried clients navigate through the media news jungle.

We are not experts about coronavirus and we are unable to make promises about whether it is safe to travel to certain countries, but we do have some comments:

  • Asia is a big continent and there are many destinations that are unaffected. Why not consider Indonesia with its beautiful islands such as Bali and Lombok? Or how about the Indian subcontinent where we have unique products and tours in Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, among others?
  • Airlines spend a huge amount of money and effort to keep their cabins safe. Screening processes have been in place for a while and if you still feel a bit worried you can always wear a mask. Many airports have now implemented thermal screening, for example Thailand has introduced this in all 28 of its airports.
  • This is the time to go in terms of value. We have just launched a wonderful ‘Enchanted Thailand’ promotion with unbeatable prices. And we have more incredible offers in all our Asian destinations. If you want five-star hotels and service but at four-star rates, then this is the time to go.
  • If you feel that now is not the right time for a cruise, consider a land-based vacation. We can create tailor-made tours on a private basis rather than travelling in large groups.
  • Asia is renowned for its warm hospitality and you can be assured that you will be treated like royalty. We want you back in Asia and so does Asia!

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