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16 (Photographic) Reasons to Travel to Southeast Asia

From ancient sites and interesting people, to unique experiences and unusual foods, here are 16 Reasons to Travel to Southeast Asia.


1. Meet the neighbors, in Thailand.

2. Watch a train pass your front door, in Hanoi.


3. Eat traditional food, in Laos.

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4. Eat non-traditional food, in Cambodia.


5. Fly over ancient temples, in Bagan.


6. Pause and reflect, at Borobudur.

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7. Get a blessing from a priest, in Bali.


8. Stand in blue-green waters, in Phuket.

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9. Combine cooking with culture, in Vietnam.

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10. Ride the rails, in Myanmar.

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11. Visit historic parks, in Sukhothai.

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12. Get stuck in a traffic jam, in Laos.

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13. Zip-line through the tree tops, in Siem Reap and Chiang Mai.


14. Watch the sunset change colors, at Angkor Wat.

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15. See the impressive Imperial gates, in Hue.

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16. Wander around the White Temple, in Chiang Rai.



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